Cat holidays with a family connection (authorized by the district veterinary office)

My name is Susanne Furrer and I welcome you to my website. In December 2017, I opened my own little cattery. Already during my childhood days and as a young adult I have always had cats as pets. Now a long desired wish to work in the area that I truly like has become real.

It is very important to me that your darling feels comfortable while staying with me. Therefore, I want to spend parts of the day with your animals, observe how they are, if they get along well with their fellow cats and if they are healthy and happy.

Your cat will be given loving care within the family in the specially furnished cat room. Additionally, the fully fenced terrace is freely accessible. Solitary enclosure is possible if your cat does not get along with the fellow cats.
Please bring your own cat food!

Only castrated and fully vaccinated cats are accepted (parvovirus/cat flu/feline leukemia not older than 1 year). Please bring the vaccination card or send it by e-mail.

I also offer to look after your cat at your home during your absence.